Stay in your own lane!

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I think driving with your focus off the road in front of you is a lot like having your focus in life on other people instead of living your own life the way God intended. Let me explain. But first, let me ask a question.

What do you think would happen, if instead of keeping your focus on the road ahead of you and on your destination, you focused on the drivers of the lanes beside you? Or how about the car two cars ahead in the lane next to you?

Instead of being preoccupied with maintaining a safe distance between you and the other drivers, instead of being preoccupied with your own journey you are absorbed with everyone else’s. Wow! Their car looks great. It’s much better and cleaner than mine, you might even find yourself thinking.

You would most likely veer off into the lane beside you potentially having disastrous results.

Just as this practice of driving would be considered unsafe and just plain dangerous so is the custom of comparison and focusing our attention on other people’s lives.

By living in the comparison trap, you could say it causes us to be reckless with our own life.

Just as the other drivers on a freeway have an ultimate destination of where they are going and need to navigate their own way through traffic, so do you. On the freeway, and in life.

You have your own vehicle to drive; your own life that only you were meant to live. So don’t go through life comparing yourself to others but remember that God made you with a purpose. He has an individual and special plan just for you!

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