Happy New Year 2019!

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Today, at the start of the New Year, I am reflecting on a dream I had yesterday, on New Years Eve. A dream that I feel, the more I ponder, has a close relation to the start of a new year and a new beginning for 2019!

Some of the details in my dream are a little vague but the central focus remains the same. I dreamt that my husband and I were on vacation. Where on vacation, I do not know nor do I remember. However, I do remember that it was a pleasant vacation and that we were having a great time together. Presently, it was night time or just getting dark and we were swimming in a remarkably large swimming area, perhaps pool. The water was nice, clean and as I previously stated, we were having a great time. My husband and I exited the pool to use the restroom or for some other unknown reason.

I learned later in my dream that there were a total of three pools. As we began walking, we somehow ended up in the second pool adjacent to the first. This pool was also a considerable size, though not as spacious as the first. I remember swimming in this pool more distinctly than the first and we had spent more time swimming in this water than the aforementioned. It was beautiful!

In reality, my husband and I have had the opportunity of swimming in the warm coastal waters of Hawaii; this subsequent pool felt similar to that experience, in terms of the clarity and temperature of the water. As I mentioned, it was somewhere between evening and nighttime and I also subconsciously noted that there were a few unknown people nearby. Light was radiating through the parameter of the water and was a brilliant hue and tint of a clear teal, blue as many swimming pools tend to exude.

As we began trailing in the water to exit this pool, I noticed the entire bottom of the pool was a floor of white river rocks. I was very surprised of this discovery and noticed the rocks were pristine and pretty. However, upon closer examination of the bottom floor I discovered it was cluttered with an extreme amount of litter, mainly cigarette butts. At first glance I saw a few, then after exiting the pool I was keenly aware that the entire floor was cluttered throughout with many cigarette butts and other various pieces of litter. I was a bit puzzled by this; as the water had an appearance of cleanliness. I wanted to continue swimming however I didn’t feel comfortable knowing it was not at all clean, although it had appeared to be.

My husband and I walked just a short distance and came to a third pool. This pool was noticeably smaller than the other two. It was round, having the appearance of a jacuzzi. The water was very inviting at first; the hue of this water was heavily saturated and was a wonderful turquoise of blue I had never seen before.  The water was very pristine and appeared clear but somewhat opaque. I jumped in and swam near the edge, I then saw several signs cautioning that the water was 15 ft. deep.

After jumping in, I also perceived a slight pull in the water and observed that it circulated into a narrow stream as it somewhat forcefully and robustly fed and released into an illuminated tunnel. This frightened me as I had recently noted the water was considerably deep. There was also no ledge to cling to inward this tunnel. I considered letting go and allowing myself to be swept into this stream, however I was much too terrified of the outcome. I realized I had the ability to swim and knew that the depth should not matter but I was unsure if I would be able to navigate these waters and survive. I feared I would drown.

I was currently in the center of the round pool and determined not to try as I swam back to safety. I turned back and saw that through and past the tunnel there was a greater area of water of which I could not see the vastness of. I perceived this area to be full of joy, excitement, adventure, and many unknowns yet to be experienced. However, I was too afraid to let go and take the risk to get to the other side. I quickly climbed out and peered once again at the pool wanting to venture through but regrettably resolved not to.

On New Years Eve, as I was awaiting the transition and start of the New Year, I continued to contemplate this dream throughout the course of my day, as it was very fresh in my mind. I find many similarities to the three pools of water as in my own journey of life, physically and spiritually speaking. I also see a correspondence to the third pool of water as to where I am at now in my faith and walk with God. I feel as if God is guiding me in a direction of faith, to trust in Him. Though as frightful and terrifying as this life may seem, regarding the unknown, I feel as if The Prince of Peace is saying to not be afraid. To not be afraid of what this year or even the next and so on may bring because He is taking us, each and every one of us who have been saved and redeemed through the precious blood of His Son Jesus Christ, on a journey far greater than we can ever imagine.

As the Word of God states in 1 Corinthians 2:9 NKJV

“But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.””

 Yes, we may have trials and experience hardships that may incite fear but as His Word also states in John 16:33 NKJV

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.””

So we need not be afraid because no matter what may come we are over-comers through our Savior, Jesus! We only need to trust that He is at work in our life! So let us walk into this new year expectant of the awesome things He is going to do in our life! And the great things He has in store for us!

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