Look Up Child

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Today I am reminded here of this verse. A few weeks ago, as I was in prayer, I had this heaviness and grief upon my heart; as I often do regarding the world around us and all of the many things that are taking place in this world that we live in today. I silently began to pour out my heart to my Father and solemnly ask Him for peace and His grace as I had many questions regarding the world. Questions that began with, “Why? How? and When?” and He ever so gently and softly whispered to me, “Look up, look up, my child”. I continued to go on and once again heard Him say “Look up, child”. This went on for a few more minutes. Now, this was several weeks ago, or maybe even a couple of months ago and at times I have pondered this. The verse above comes to mind and I am reminded not to fear, dread or be dismayed. No, our Father in heaven gives us this command, to look up!

And as quoted here, from John Gill’s exposition of the whole bible:

then look up and lift up your heads; be cheerful and pleasant; do not hang down your heads as bulrushes, but erect them, and put on a cheerful countenance, and look upwards, from whence your help comes; and look out wistfully and intently, for your salvation and deliverance.

We are not to be weighed down by these things because we have a hope and a peace that comes from Him!

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